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Q How much does a Creative Mural cost?
A To view prices, simply select an image from our gallery, click on "mural size" and the cost is displayed next to the size. Otherwise prices are as follows:

1500 x 900mm $145
1500 x 1200mm $180
2500 x 900mm $245
2500 x 1200mm $295
3000 x 900mm $315
3000 x 1200mm $345
4000 x 900mm $395
4000 x 1200mm $455

Hallway Series:
900 x 1200mm $180
900 x 2400mm $225
1000 x 2400mm $235
1200 x 2400mm $265

Other sizes available on request

Q How long does it take to get my print?
A Our turnaround on prints is 10 working days.

Q How long does a Creative Mural last?
A The eco-solvent inks used are guaranteed to last up to two years in direct sunlight, obviously longer when displayed in doors. At this stage the inks have been lab tested to last around 50 years, provided they are not subjected to direct ultra violet light or cleaned with solvent based cleaners.

Q How often do you update the gallery?
A We are constantly adding to our gallery, so come back and see us regularly. If, however we do not have what you’re looking for, simply email us on and we will endeavour to find something suitable from our extensive image library.

Q How do I clean my Creative Mural?
A A soft, damp cloth with warm water will remove most marks. DO NOT use cleaning fluids. Although the fabric is very durable, avoid scratching with harsh or abrasive materials. No warrantees will be given if there is evidence of using cleaning fluid or abrasive materials.

Q Can I use my own image?
A Yes - we will accept any jpeg, TIFF, or RAW image taken on your digital camera. We can reproduce your image from a jpeg around 2mb in size or bigger. However, the larger the file, the better the result. If in doubt, simply email your image to us at and we can advise you for further clarification.

Q How do I size up my own image?
A Simply enlarging an image file with a program such as Photoshop, does not enhance quality. By taking your photo at the highest resolution your camera is capable of is usually more than sufficient to maintain the sharpness of the image. If the image is not to size, WE WILL SCALE THE IMAGE UP FOR YOU. If under 9mb, simply attach the image to an email and send it to: to enquire if it can be resized to the size of print you are looking to purchase. If the file is over 9Mb then please use for a free upload of up to 100Mb.

Q Which digital camera should I buy?
A For reviews on digital cameras go to
However, we recommend Nikon or Canon for ease of use and the quality of images.

Q If I use my own image, should I copyright it?
A No. There is no system of registration in Australia. Copyright protection is automatic. For
more information on copyright laws and protection, go to: